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Quantalytics Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence, often abbreviated as Threat Intelligence (TI), is the collection, organization, and analysis of information about potential or actual cyber threats.

Using cyber threat intelligence can give organizations early detection of emerging cyber threats before they become widespread.  This, in turn, gives organizations the potential to implement additional defenses in a timely manner. It also allows them to at least keep a closer, more watchful eye on vulnerable assets.  This permits manual intervention in the interim as long-term solutions are developed and implemented.

Zero Day (0 Day) Exploits – A Zero-Day Exploit is the day on which the targeted party learns of the vulnerability, and for which no mitigation or patch is available. Cyber threat intelligence can enable organizations to understand emerging threats such as Zero-Day Exploits so as to respond quickly to limit vulnerability. Even though these threats do not have patched available, local solutions can protect networks and data.  Rapid response is everything.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) – Advanced Persistent Threats are infiltrations in which a person or group gains unauthorized access to a network and remains undetected for an extended period.  The “persistent” process suggests that a malicious actor’s Command and Control (“C&C”) System is continuously monitoring and exfiltrating data from a specific target as well as enabling further network penetration.

Cyber threat intelligence provides enough nuance and detail to allow organizations to, at a minimum, attempt to protect themselves proactively rather than becoming an unknowing victim.

Cyber Threat Intelligence can be a powerful tool to support an organization’s overall defenses.  In the cyber world, attackers always have a first move advantage.  Cyber Threat Intelligence can reduce, or even nullify, the first move advantage.

Quantalytics is a full member of the EU’s CIRCL, (Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg).  They are the European equivalent of the U.S.’s CERT, (Computer Emergency Response Team).  CIRCL’s emerging threat monitoring spans the entire EU and includes MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform) feeds from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as well as other prominent cyber security organizations.

Quantalytics maintains, as part of its membership in CIRCL, its own instance of MISP, the threat sharing platform used by the cybersecurity community.

Membership in CIRCL allows us to obtain access for our clients to emerging threats hitting the EU before they cross the Atlantic Ocean and hit our customers in North, Central, and South America.  These threats include those hitting OT Networks, as well as IT networks, plus associated network devices and network services.

Access to CIRCL’s Threat Intelligence via the Quantalytics MISP instance is by subscription only.

Please contact us for subscription details.

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