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Quantalytics Network Security Appliance Subscriptions Overview

Some of our new customers have had questions about our sales model. Our rates are frequently compared with other vendors fees, which typically does not always reflect their substantial up-front charges. These up front charges are called “Capital Expense” or “CapEx”. Quantalytics does not have any Capital Expense (“CapEx”) charges.

We would like to clarify this difference:

1. Quantalytics does not “sell” our Network Security Appliances. We offer them on a subscription basis, with an in initial two-year agreement.

2. The majority of our competitors charge five and six figures as up-front hardware fees in addition to their monthly maintenance charge. Quantalytics has no capital expense (“CapEX”), up-front or otherwise, with any of our Network Security Appliances. The only fees Quantalytics charges, in comparison, are the monthly subscription rates.

This also applies to our Virtual Machine (VM) versions of our Network Security Appliances.

3. Quantalytics always maintains ownership of our Network Security Appliances. As a result, we are always responsible for software updates and the appliance hardware itself.

4. All of our appliances are fully covered by our warranties as long as they are under subscription.

5. Our products are designed to be used both individually as stand-alone network security products or can be combined as a synergistic ecosystem to maximize Cybersecurity effectiveness.

Quantalytics products are also compatible with our competitors’ products, thereby allowing customers to “mix and match”.

Please feel free to contact us with how Quantalytics can meet and exceed your Cyber Defense challenges.

Thank you

Richard Avery
Chief Marketing Officer
Quantalytics, Inc.
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