Quantalytics – In-depth network defenses.

About Quantalytics

Quantalytics, Inc. was founded in 1989 as a Network VAR and Systems Integration firm. From our very first customer, Quantalytics has been focused on security as one of its primary concerns.

We have now created and offer our own superior network security solutions.

Quantalytics leverages leading open source packages available today as the foundation of our products, integrated by our own proprietary software.

Our network security appliances, as well as Virtual Machine versions, addresses a wide range of network security requirements. Our products are designed to be used both individually as stand-alone products or can be combined as a synergistic ecosystem to maximize cybersecurity effectiveness.

Quantalytics network security appliances meet, and frequently exceed, our competitors' performance. A number of our security appliances are unique, and have no comparable competitive commercial alternative.

Quantalytics offers Security as a Service (SaaS). All of our network security appliances are available on a subscription-only basis. Details upon request.