Quantalytics – In-depth network defenses.

About Quantalytics

Quantalytics is a 30+ years old network and systems integration firm which offers superior state of the art network security solutions. Our network appliances are built with some of the most powerful technologies available and are custom-designed to address the full range of IT, IoT or OT network cyber-security needs.

Our appliances offer Fortune 500 and major organizations, as well as small to medium-sized customers, the same enterprise cyber security protection as major organizations currently use for a fraction of what other manufacturers charge. All of our products are administrated through an easily used Graphical User Interface, so implementation and management are greatly simplified. This opens up information security to all levels of IT specialists.

Our cyber security appliances directly compete in functionality with the incumbent manufacturers, while costing markedly less. Our pricing details can be found here.

All of our products ...

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